THE Pathway
of Stewardship.
Sendero Wealth Management is a private, boutique wealth management firm comprised of independent thought leaders. We offer unbiased advice and personalized investment strategies to help protect, preserve, and grow your wealth responsibly. Our goal is to propel your legacy forward for future generations.

Goal Based Investment Models We extend a personal relationship and become familiar with your entire scope of assets. We then propose a combination of investments and create an original blend based on your strategy. Goal Based Investing Selection Process We research traditional and alternative investment strategies focused on identifying independent, small-to-mid-sized managers with portions of their personal wealth invested in their strategies. Selection Process Diligent and Proactive Analysis We continually track and analyze each strategy to ensure investment discipline. Diligent and Proactive Analysis Non-Discretionary Management We collaborate with our clients by providing steady guidance and recommendations. Helping you achieve your goals is our most important priority. Collaborative Management Protecting Your Strategy We act as your advocate and stay focused on the investment environment and how it will impact you and your goals. Protecting Your Strategy The STAY wealthy approach Our
Process Is

Stewardship: An ethic that embodies the careful, responsible planning and management entrusted to one’s care; the acceptance or assignment to shepherd and safeguard the valuables of others; choosing service over self-interest.

Why Choose Sendero?

Service People first. Currency second. Our greatest legacy is the relationships we steward for the families and institutions we serve. Service Honesty We believe in having honest conversations to help both your family, and your wealth, grow stronger at the same time. Honesty Experience Our team of experts has experienced multiple cycles in financial markets, giving us a seasoned perspective and instinctual insights. Experience Managers As a boutique firm, we passionately believe in educating and empowering our clients. We bring you the financial experts investing on your behalf and preeminent thought leaders who seek out compelling ideas. Managers Foresight Our in-house due diligence on recommended investments and wide range of industry contacts allows us to stay a step ahead of market trends. Foresight Keep You Informed We offer online and in person updates on your wealth, the investment environment, and our counsel. Keep You Informed We See Beyond The Numbers Why

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