Do I Need Credit Monitoring? A Message from David H. Coull, Senior Systems Administrator

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We recommend having a credit monitoring system, by either checking it yourself or having it monitored through a 3rd party.  Credit monitoring may allow you to see strange activity, but a deeper level of monitoring is that of the dark web.  Is your personal information being sold on the Dark Web? Are there negative comments on social media sites about you or your family?  These are areas that can be monitored with an Identity Protection service.

You may be wondering why you would need credit and identity theft monitoring.  One word, HACKERS.  Hackers are attempting to access databases with your personal information, steal it and sell it on the dark web.  Personal information found on the dark web can be used for identity theft.  It can take years to clear up identify theft and is taxing on you or your family, not to mention the potential financial loss that could happen.

An Identity Protection service should be able to monitor your credit, your identity and alert you (via email and/or text) of changes to your credit or potential identity theft.  The following are possible signs of fraudulent activities:  

  • Did an account open in your name or someone in your family?
  • Did an unauthorized person pull a credit report?
  • Address or employment information changed
  • Missing or late payments, any liens, judgements, etc.
  • Personal information has been hacked via a data breach through a service you use
  • Identity Theft service should monitor and alert if items are found on:
    • Dark Web
    • Social media sites
    • Post Office mail forwarding
    • New services (utilities, cell phones, etc.)

There are many options and levels to choose from in a service provider.  Be careful of the free ones, you often get what you pay for in a service.

The following is a list of companies (in no particular order) that offer Credit, Identity Theft and Dark Web monitoring:

  • Identity Guard
  • Identity Defense
  • ID Sheild
  • LifeLock
  • Experian

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David H. Coull
Senior Systems Administrator