Philanthropy and Family Foundations in the Age of Coronavirus. A Message from Gregg Muenster

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“May you live in interesting times!” 

According to Wikipedia, this is an English expression that purports to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Ironically, things tend to be easier in “uninteresting times”, and these days many of us long for easier times. 

The pandemic the entire world is dealing with today has impacted everyone in some fashion or another. Arguably the greatest impact has been an economic one. And, this economic impact has caused many individuals and families to think about how they can use their personal philanthropy to alleviate some of these problems. Certainly, personal gifts of any amount to nonprofit organizations can help. However, we have seen many of Sendero’s private family foundations give considerable thought to making impactful gifts to select organizations addressing some of the most pressing problems facing us now – food insecurity and health care research. 

On Wednesday, July 22nd, Sendero will host a webinar with guest speaker, Eric Cooper, President and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank.  Together we will discuss how the pandemic has impacted our local food bank and how we can help.  To join our webinar, please register by clicking here:

Each year GIVING USA does an assessment of the past year’s giving trends and sources of donations. In 2019 charitable giving rose 2.4% from the previous year with the total dollars donated at nearly $450 billion. Many of these donations came from individual donors, but private foundations and corporations made most of the largest donations. Since we are in “interesting times”, it will be hard to predict how charitable donations will fare in 2020, but one thing we know for sure is that the need is greater this year than in 2019.

At Sendero Family Foundations we work with our clients to help them identify how their private foundations can play a part in helping meet the economic, health care, vaccine research, housing and food needs within our surrounding communities. If you have a family foundation or have been thinking about creating one, Sendero Family Foundations stands ready to assist you. Of course, we will work with your legal and accounting advisors to ensure that your foundation serves the mission and values that are important to your family, but also that it complies with State and Federal requirements.  

Please contact us at for more information.

Gregg E. Muenster,
Senior Philanthropic Advisory

Source: “What Giving USA Tells Us About What’s Next in 2020”, by Emily Haynes and Michael Thies, in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, July, 2020 issue