Sendero Summer Reading with Gregg Muenster, Senior Philanthropic Strategist of Family Foundations

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I have been a voracious reader my entire adult life. One of the benefits of being forced to stay home is that I can read for hours rather than just late at night before going to bed. 

Most of the time I read books that help me understand more about the work I have done over the years, like business practices, investments and philanthropy. 

Although I admit that occasionally I’m am enthralled by the history of certain sports cars or the history of golf. 

This summer I could not put down “The Hero of the Empire” by Candice Millard. It is a fascinating book about Winston Churchill’s days before becoming Prime Minister of England. He served in the Boer war, was captured and managed an incredible escape. The rest is history. 

One of the best TED talks I have heard was by Dan Palotta. I purchased his book titled “Uncharitable” and now I have a perspective on the real truth about nonprofits need for the kind of financial support to realize their full potential. A common belief is that nonprofits shouldn’t make money and should operate on bare bones budgets. All I can say is “that isn’t even close to a correct assumption”. 

Pick up a good book and enjoy your time alone. 

Gregg. E Muenster
Senior Philanthropic Strategist of Family Foundations*

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