Sendero Summer Reading with Lori Darchicourt, CFO

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I love to read.  I would list it as one of my few hobbies (along with organizing things, entertaining and movie and tv watching).  Having said that, I tend to read in spurts.  I may read two to three books in a month and then not pick one up for a while.  I am one of those readers who can’t put books down once I find a good one so I have to time my reading investment at just the right moment. 

The past few years I started reading biographies.  Although I was never much of a history buff, biographies have this way of moving beyond the historical facts and pulling in enough drama and intrigue that makes them interesting to me.  My husband is actually a history buff, so perhaps he has influenced my reading taste?

One of the more interesting books I read recently was a biography on the Bouvier sisters:  The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters:  The Tragic and Glamorus Lives of Jackie and Lee.  I had no idea that Jackie Kennedy even had a sister, let alone such a fabulous one who ran in glamorous circles.  Jackie’s sister was Lee Radziwill.  Cue the Real Housewives of New York anyone?  Lee was actually the mother-in-law to one of the housewives on the popular tv show.  I love when my reality tv guilty pleasure comes together with a good biography!

This book brought to life the sisters’ childhood, their relationship with their parents, their marriages and all the drama that happened in between.  Jackie and Lee both were cosmopolitan women, well-versed in art and language, not to mention widely traveled.  They even had a common romantic connection with Onassis.  Who knew?  This book was definitely an eye opener and gave me a deeper appreciation for their trials and tribulations.  They were complex women and you get the sense that they are just as human as the rest of us, struggling with the same challenges in life.  Definitely a page turner and highly recommended.

I’m always looking for great biography recommendations.  Do you have one?

Lori Darchicourt, CFO